Types of slots that Zodiac slots offer

Zodiac Slots offer players a chance to immerse themselves into a mysterious atmosphere by playing various themed slot machines. From Greek gods to Egyptian gods, these slot titles focus on themes such as mythology, astrology, spirituality, and even astronomy. Let’s see below some of the slots you can play in Zodiac slots.

Video slots

 These are popular among both new players and experienced ones. There is also an incredible variety of games available in this category. You have your classic 3×3 reel video slots to the 5-reel progressive jackpot games. The latter include Mega Moolah and Jackpots Galore. Other popular games include Cleopatra, Treasures of Egypt, Zeus’ Thunderbolts, Arabian Nights, the Roman Empire, and many more.

Bonus rounds

 As mentioned above, there are plenty of bonus rounds in Zodiac slots. Some of them require skill while others let you win big rewards simply for spinning the reels. In addition to regular free spins bonuses, another popular feature is bonus multipliers. They multiply your wins when three or more scatter symbols appear anywhere on the screen.

Multiplier payouts

 Many of these slot machines allow you to increase your wins if you get several winning lines together during the same spin. Of course, it’s not always easy to get multiple winning lines so these types of games are designed with that fact in mind.

Progressive jackpots

 A progressive jackpot is one where the amount grows over time until someone finally hits the jackpot. It’s a great way for slot game designers to attract players because they know people love a guaranteed prize!

Progressive jackpots

This type of jackpot is triggered by hitting a specific combination of reels. For example, there may be three scattered 7s on the first set of reels and then two wild symbols. Once those conditions are met, the amount will grow at a steady pace until someone hits the jackpot.

Scatter symbol

Another important feature in Zodiac slots is the scatter symbol. When activated, it triggers bonus features and sometimes large amounts of credits. Scatters come in different forms including 7’s, 10’s, diamonds, and the much beloved golden sun.

Free Spins features

 These bonus rounds usually consist of random awards such as extra spins, larger prizes, or even a “free spin mode” (in which all the normal rules don’t apply).

Progressive jackpots

 These are similar to the previous jackpots except that their growth rate varies depending on how long it has been since someone hit the jackpot.

Wild symbol

 Like scatters, wilds are used to trigger bonus features. However, instead of being randomly placed on the reels like scatters, wilds stay put throughout every round. That means if you land three or four wild symbols on the same line, you’ll get three or four separate wins with each one increasing in size according to the number of wilds that appeared.

Fixed odds bets

 Instead of offering standard fixed payout options as most other slot machine providers do, Zodiac offers bet levels that vary from 1x to 100x the original wager. So, if you place $20 worth of coins into a slot, you can choose between betting $20, $20 x 2, $20 x 4, or anything else up to $200.

Random jackpots

 Sometimes slot machines offer random jackpots, but this isn’t common in the industry. Since the numbers involved in these sorts of jackpots aren’t predictable, some players feel cheated out of potential winnings. But Zodiac makes sure to avoid this problem by using a system called RNG, or Random Number Generation. The company’s software generates an array of numbers based on mathematical formulas that ensure fairness and transparency.

Variable jackpots

 This is the opposite of random jackpots. With variable jackpots, the range of possible outcomes stays constant, so no matter what you do or bet you won’t lose money. This is perfect for newbies who want to practice without risking any real cash.

Fixed jackpots

 If you’re looking for a high-paying slot machine with predictable results, you might find it here. While the chances of landing a certain outcome are still in play, the overall payout remains relatively stable. Most of these games have jackpots that start small and slowly build over time.


 These bonuses increase your payouts at varying rates. You could end up winning several times the original amount just for playing through multiple rounds.

Bonus rounds

 Some casinos let you try out online slots free while others give away spins for trying out different games. Others have bonus rounds where you have to complete a level before moving on to the next.

In conclusion, Zodiac Slots Casino brings something unique to the table when compared to its competitors. It’s simple: there are no gimmicks. There are no annoying popups. And there are no irritating sound effects.