The history of the Zodiac slot game

The Zodiac slot machine was originally released in 1994 by IGT (International Game Technology). As it was designed at that time, it offered 12 paylines and 20 coins per spin. Today, its popularity has grown considerably thanks to its unique combination of symbols and features. This article looks back at the development of this classic video poker game. Let’s see below more history on the Zodiac slot game.

Name and origin

The name Zodiac comes from a constellation located in the northern sky. It is named for the twelve signs of the zodiac, which are linked with the constellations of each month throughout the year. Each sign represents one of the 12 months according to the Western calendar. In ancient times, the Earth revolved around the Sun, and the Sun moved along an imaginary path called the ecliptic. The motion of the Sun across the celestial sphere (the 360-degree circle surrounding the Earth) is known as the annual cycle. The twelve points where the Sun crossed the ecliptic were considered significant places or locations, and they were given names based on their position in the yearly cycle.

First appearance and creation

In 1831, French astronomer Nicolas Louis de Lacaille published a book entitled Astronomical observations in North America. In his book, he describes the discovery he made while exploring the new world. He found many stars that had never been seen before. These new stars would later be recognized as being part of the constellation Scorpio. A few years after his publication, another Frenchman, Joseph Dombey, who was also interested in astronomy, discovered two new stars that came near the location of Scorpio. One star was called Alphard, while the other was called Cepheus.

Evolution and modifications

From these discoveries, Dombey realized that there was a third star near the location of Scorpius. He thought that this new star could represent a different constellation, and so he decided to give it a name that would describe the symbol he saw on the horizon. Thus, Dombey chose a term that meant “a point of the sky”, and gave it as a name for the new star, which became known as the Virgin Mary. After this new star appeared, astronomers began to use the word “Zodiak” as a generic term for any astronomical object, like planets, comets, stars, etc. Later, when slot machines were invented, IGT created a game using the same idea as Dombeys’ slot machine. They used the Zodiac and added it to their collection of games.

Popularity and success

From the beginning of its release until today, the Zodiac slot game remains popular among players all over the world. Its popularity can only be explained by the fact that the slot machine offers a great playing experience. Moreover, because it uses progressive jackpots, the game is exciting for both casual and professional gamblers alike. This is probably the reason why the Zodiac game is still played today.

Latest news

There are currently several versions of the Zodiac slot machine available in online casinos. However, we recommend you play the original version. Not only does it offer the best graphics and sound effects, but it has the highest payouts of all the versions. If you play at Guts Casino, you will find that this version is the most popular.

Special feature

We have already mentioned how the Zodiac slot machine works. We are going to tell you more about the special function of this game. When you play this game, it allows you to gain access to bonus rounds. You should know that these bonus rounds contain some interesting elements such as free spins. Once you reach them, you will have the chance to win very big prizes.

Where to play it?

If you want to try your luck with the Zodiac slot machine, you must first download it from an online casino website. Then go to the casino’s lobby and select the game you want to play. Finally, choose between one of the available versions (Classic, Gold, or High Roller). The best thing to do is not to start making bets without knowing what you’re doing!

how to play it?

Play the classic mode if you want to get familiarized with the basic rules of the game before starting real money betting. Play the gold version if you want to improve your chances of winning. Finally, play the high roller mode if you want to increase your chances of winning even higher. Remember to bet the maximum amount allowed for each spin. At least 3-4 times during every single round.

In conclusion, the Zodiac slot machine is a unique game that requires some practice to master, but once mastered, you will be able to enjoy hours of fun playing it. Also, the good news is that there are no limits to the number of times you can use bonuses and free spins.