How the Zodiac Paytable works

As you probably know, Lucky Jackpot has some really interesting features such as Lucky Wheel, Lucky Reels and Lucky Scatters. These features allow players to win big prizes without having to play the game itself. The Lucky Zodiac is similar to these other games in terms of design and gameplay. For example, it also offers free spins and multipliers, along with its unique Zodiac symbols. Let’s see below how the Zodiac paytable works.

zodiac slots

If a player lands on any of the Zodiac symbols during a spin

they will be awarded an extra prize which is determined by their chosen symbol combination. An example of this would be that if the player landed on the number 8, then he or she could receive up to 4x per line multiplied by 1, 2, 3, or 4 depending on his or her chosen symbol combination. This means that for each symbol combination played, there is a different payout amount associated with it. You can see all possible combinations by clicking on this link.

If a player lands three or more Zodiac symbols during one spin

then they will be awarded a special prize called the “Lucky Zodiac”. The total prize value depends on the Zodiac symbol combination used. Each winning combination corresponds to a certain prize pool (which is set at the beginning of every game). To find out what each particular symbol combo pays off, click here.

If a player lands five or more Zodiac symbols in one spin

they are entitled to enter into the main round of the game. In this case, they will only be awarded the prize set aside for the Lucky Zodiac, but not any extra winnings from symbol combos. To know what prize is being paid out, simply click on the “Main Prize” tab.

If a player wins the jackpot

then they will have access to the special feature: “Lucky Jackpot“, which allows them to withdraw the entire Main Prize plus an additional bonus sum. Click here to learn more about this feature.

Players can earn a Free Spins Bonus

by landing three or more scatter symbols on each reel during a spin. After earning enough Free Spins, they will unlock two extra rounds of gameplay. During each of these rounds, they will land on either an X-Bonus symbol or a Double Bonus symbol. If a player lands both the X-Bonus and Double Bonus symbols on the same spin, then they will be granted a multiplier of x4. For example, if you land on a 5X multiplier symbol, it will multiply your winnings by 20 times!

When playing with Wilds if a player lands three wild symbols anywhere on the reels

then they will automatically win the corresponding prize (e.g., if a player lands three hearts, then he or she will win the maximum prize). A few exceptions apply – double wilds won’t grant maximum wins, while triple wilds don’t guarantee anything.

All winnings in Lucky Jackpot mode are tripled

That means that even if players are not able to make a withdrawal due to low wagers, they still stand to win a huge sum of money. As such, they should try their luck as much as they can.

Winning combinations are reset after every spin

This means that if you land on a winning combination once, you’ll most likely lose it again. Although this might sound annoying, it’s quite fair, since it’s possible to get lucky a few times without making the required minimum bet.

There are no free spins

You must play all 10 lines individually to trigger them. Furthermore, even if you manage to reach the final bonus game, you cannot choose whether you want to continue spinning.

No cashouts are allowed

There’s no way to get your funds back if you’re not satisfied with the results of your gamble. Your winnings are 100% real.

You need to place bets before the game starts

There’s no auto start. You must manually select the desired number of coins per line. Also, note that if you use the Bet Max button you can only bet up to $100 per line, so keep that in mind.

The minimum betting amount is 0.01$/0.02€/$1.00

If you think that 0.01$ is too little to risk, then you’re right. However, there’s no way to increase your wager. Make sure you decide beforehand how much you’re willing to spend, otherwise you may find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place.

In conclusion, it’s worth noting that the rules change from time to time. Therefore, we recommend checking out any updates to the game on our website so you know what changes have been made. However, there’s one thing for certain: Lucky 7 Casino offers amazing bonuses and generous promotions. You should take advantage of them.