How to double your winnings in the Zodiac slot game

Zodiac is a five-reel video slot machine game where players are offered a choice between three bonus rounds to try their luck. Each round has its unique feature that rewards the player with free spins and additional winnings. These include the Mystery Bonus Round, Lucky 7 Feature, Lucky 8 Feature and Super Jackpot Feature. The aim of each of these features is to increase the chances of winning big with the added benefits of increased winnings. Let’s see below how to double your winnings when playing the Zodiac slot casino game.

Mystery Bonus Round

This bonus round can be played on any spin during the base game. To get started, you must choose to play in the mystery bonus round by pressing the button labelled “mystery” at the top left corner of the screen. Next, set the number of lines you want to use for this bonus round (default 2). You will then need to pick one of four symbols which you think will appear next. Select your choices and press on the start now button.

Mystery Bonus Round

 In this feature, you have a chance to win up to 250x your wager amount. Once you’ve selected your chosen symbol, it will appear in all positions on reels 1, 3, 5 and 7. To win, you’ll need to collect as many wilds as possible from any position across the four reels. Wilds can substitute for other symbols but they cannot stand alone. A combination of two or more wilds can trigger a multiplier effect. If you manage to do so, you will find yourself rewarded twice your total bet amount.

Lucky 7 Feature

 This bonus round is only available if you have won at least 10 times during the base game when choosing the ‘Lucky’ option. In this feature, you will receive three rows of seven reels each. From here, you have the opportunity to multiply your wins if you collect two matching jackpots. You can collect both jackpots by collecting one matching symbol on reel 4 and another matching symbol on reel 6. Collecting one jackpot will reward your account with an extra 50x your wager. Collecting both jackpots will yield an additional 100x of your wager.

Lucky 8 Feature

 This bonus round requires a minimum of 30 times the wagers made during the base game to qualify. Here, you’ll also have the opportunity to multiply wins by collecting eight out of nine matching symbols on reel 6. The maximum prize you can win is 150x your wager.

Super Jackpot Feature

This round is triggered when you have collected 25 symbols within 60 seconds. To start, all symbols will appear in the same order as they did during the base game. However, after you press the ‘Bonus’ tab, there is no longer a predetermined series of outcomes. Instead, symbols will continuously shift to random locations, triggering a multiplier effect if enough symbols fall into place on a single payline. As soon as the first multiplier appears, the jackpot will begin rolling towards your account. When the jackpot reaches the required value, it will automatically award itself to the highest wagering amount.


Progressive Jackpot Feature

 Similar to the Super Jackpot feature, this bonus round does not require that you reach a certain threshold before beginning. It begins immediately upon the activation of the feature. Unlike the Super Jackpot feature, however, this bonus round awards a progressive jackpot instead of a fixed figure. Every time that a winning symbol falls onto the active paylines, the jackpot grows slightly larger until it reaches its final point whereupon it is awarded to whoever has wagered the most money throughout the base game.

Free Spin Feature

 This bonus is triggered randomly throughout gameplay once you have accumulated five or more free spins. During these bonuses, you will find that you are given access to six new reels. While the number of lines available continues to increase through gameplay, how many times you land on a line will remain consistent.

Multiplier Feature

 In this bonus round, you’ll be able to multiply your wins by collecting as many matching symbols (except multipliers) as possible on a single payline during the initial spin. After spinning, the player will be prompted to choose between multiplying their winnings and being moved to the next level. At higher levels, players will be presented with increasingly larger prizes.

Scatter Symbol Feature

This bonus round allows players to unlock up to ten free games without having to hit three-of-a-kind scatter symbols. There is no cap on how many times you can activate the feature during gameplay.

In conclusion, the Mega Fortune slot machine offers players a multitude of ways to earn big prizes and enjoy playing the game for hours on end. With so many different features packed into this popular title, there’s certainly something for everyone!